US’s export restrictions

To know more about the export rules applying in the US and establish if the product you’re about to purchase is appropriate for exportation, look at the following governmental organizations:

United Kingdom’s importation regulation rules

Some products are prohibited worldwide, for legal or safety reasons and some other goods can be specifically restricted for United Kingdom.
To make sure the item you’re intending to import is not on the list, read carefully the Customs regulations.

For an accurate information on the goods forbidden or restricted to United Kingdom, you can contact United Kingdom’s Customs Service or look on the International carrier specific page.

United Kingdom’s tax and duties enforcement

Whether you are a private individual or a commercial entity, you must pay import duty and taxes when importing goods to United Kingdom.
The valuation of the cost is based on the complete shipping value, including:

  •  the price of the imported goods
  •  the cost of freight
  •  insurance

The imports are also subject to sales taxes.

If the import’s value is under 18 GBP, no tax applies.

(Deminimis: minimum value under which no duties are collected by the customs)

More details on the tax and duties calculation to United Kingdom.

Because import regulation for United Kingdom can sometimes be a little confusing, we’ll double check for you if your product is allowed. We’ll let you know after review if the goods you’re about to ship are admitted.