Shipping cost calculator from the USA to Sweden

Shipping Box

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Examples of shipping rates to ship to Sweden

Here are some examples of how much it costs to ship from the USA to Sweden using Borderlinx.

  • It will cost USD 40.00 to ship Kinect for Windows from Microsoft from USA to Sweden using Borderlinx.
    price: USD 213.43
    dead weight: 2.36 kgs
    box dim.: 7 x 6 x 14 inch.
    tax & duties: USD 77.75
  • Borderlinx will ship Alessa Wellesly purse from Kate Spade from USA to Sweden for USD 48.00.
    price: USD 150.00
    dead weight: 1.54 kgs
    box dim.: 11 x 6 x 16 inch.
    tax & duties: USD 50.58
  • You can buy Pebble Smartwatch from Ebay in the USA and ship it to Sweden for USD 28.00 via Borderlinx.
    price: USD 149.99
    dead weight: 0.7 kgs
    box dim.: 6 x 9 x 4 inch.
    tax & duties: USD 43.8