Buy in the US, ship Economy to Singapore

All you need to know about this new Economy service

  • We simplified things. With this Economy option, pay only based on actual scale weight ("dead weight"). Don't worry anymore about Volumetric weight.

  • This shipping service is available only for shipping out of the USA into Singapore and for single parcels up to 4lbs (1.8kg).

  • The delivery time is approximately 10 to 12 business days (as a reminder, our US facility doesn't process shipments on Saturday, Sunday or US holidays). Shipments are trackable.

And also...

1. Why did Borderlinx launch an Economy service into Singapore?

We have heard repeatedly from our customers that they were looking for a cheaper option to ship into Singapore, even if it meant that it was slower than the 2-3 day Express service and some features of Express service weren't available. And we believe we have partnered with the best regional experts to provide this new Economy service and support our customers' needs.

2. How can I use the Economy shipping service?

We will notify you when you have a package waiting in your Borderlinx Suite. If your package meets all the conditions for Economy shipping, we will quote you the Economy shipping charge as well as the Express shipping charge. You can then select the shipping method on the shipment release form. If you select Economy shipping, the charge will not include prepaid duty and tax - see question 9.

3. How long will it take for my parcel to arrive?

Expect your shipment to take 10 to 12 business days to reach you. We will provide you with our partner's tracking so you can check on it. This is an estimated delivery time - not a guarantee.

4. Can I ship any parcel with this new Economy service?

You can ship any parcel up to 4 lbs (1.8kg) so long as the item is not on our Prohibited Items list. You cannot, however, consolidate several parcels as you can with our Standard and Express service.

You cannot ship any item with a value (including cost of shipping and surcharges) of more than 400 SGD using our Economy service.

We cannot ship any products which contain Li-Ion batteries that aren't installed in the equipment.

5. What size of parcel can I ship?

Packages other than rolls must be within the following dimensions:

  • Maximum length: 24 inches (61 cm). Length is the longest dimension.
  • Maximum length, height, and depth (thickness) combined: 36 inches (91 cm).
  • Minimum size: Large enough to accommodate the postage, address, customs form, and other required elements on the address side.

Rolls must be within the following dimensions:

  • Minimum length: 4 inches (10 cm).
  • Minimum length plus twice the diameter combined: 6-3/4 inches (17 cm).
  • Maximum length: 36 inches (91 cm).
  • Maximum length plus twice the diameter combined: 42 inches (106 cm).

6. Why can't I ship several parcels together via this new Economy service?

Not accepting consolidation of parcels is what allows us to offer an Economy service at such a low price. Consolidating parcels has an operational cost that this type of service cannot support.

7. Is it possible to make an international return via this Economy service?

No, we apologize, but this service does not allow any international returns. Once you have received your parcel, we cannot arrange for a return via Economy service to the merchant you bought from. You will need to make your own return arrangements with the merchant.

We can still return items from our hub (domestic returns).

8. Is this service tracked?

There is limited tracking. You'll be able to see whatever information is available regarding shipment status on our partner's tracking website at Note that the tracking is not as detailed or as reliable as the tracking you have come to expect from Express and Standard shipping, and it is possible that you might not get tracking information at all for some items.

9. Will Taxes and Duties still be paid upfront to Borderlinx?

No, the Economy service is a Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) service. But because the Singaporean de minimis is 400 SGD (approximately US$294), you won't pay any Duties at the point of delivery - remember the maximum value of a package you can ship with Economy shipping is 400 SGD.

You can still use our Total Cost Calculator to make sure your parcel will fall under the Singaporean de minimis level in order to qualify for Economy shipping. If it doesn't qualify, it would need to be shipped via Express or Standard shipping.

10. What about volumetric weight calculations?

Packages shipped via our Economy service will not be subject to volumetric weight calculations. The shipping charges will be based on the actual scale weight ("dead weight").

11. Will SafetyLinx be available for Economy shipments?

No, we are sorry that SafetyLinx isn't available for Economy shipping.

12. What about the Repacking service?

Our regular Repacking Service is available for Economy Shipping. Our Repacking service is done primarily to reduce the volumetric weight.

13. What happens if my package exceeds the maximum weight or volume restrictions for Economy shipping?

You will be given the choice of shipping it to Singapore via Express or Standard shipping or returning it to the merchant from whom you bought the product. Our Domestic returns policy will apply.

14. Can I use the Economy service to ship products I buy from UK merchants?

At the moment, Economy service is only available for US purchases.

15. What happens if I am not home when my package is delivered?

If nobody is available to receive your package, our delivery partner will leave a notice at the address of the attempted delivery. The notice will give you instructions for picking up the package from a nearby post office or other location. If you don't pick it up within the time specified in the notice, the package will be sent to a central post office and you will be sent a second notice. If you don't pick it up within the time specified in the second notice, you will not have any further opportunity to pick it up, the package will be treated as abandoned, and it may be disposed of in any manner permitted by applicable law.

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