Shipping to Turkey

In this guide, you’ll find important information about Turkey’s import and export regulations, safety restrictions and more.

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Buy what you want online without restrictions. Borderlinx is an international consolidation and forwarding service that makes it easier to shop and ship from online retailers even if they don’t ship to your country. As a Borderlinx international shopper, you’ll never miss locally exclusive sales or have to pass up the latest in-demand products from retailers again.

Export Regulations

Each country has unique export rules. The following government organization websites offer plenty of information regarding products that cannot be exported from the respective countries.

Import Regulations

Imported shipments to Turkey are subject to duty and tax. Turkey does not have a de minimis value, so your entire shipment, despite its value, will be charged tax and duty.

  • De Minimis Value for Duty: 133 TYL
  • De Minimis Value for Tax: 133 TYL

For up-to-date information, please reference:

Transit Time

Thanks to our close partnership with DHL, Borderlinx is able to provide fast shipping to Turkey from the Borderlinx hubs.

Average Delivery: 2 to 4 business days

This is an estimated time frame and can be affected by extreme weather conditions or other events beyond our control.

Additional Tools

Import regulations can be confusing and are always changing. We’ll make sure to double check if your items are allowed to leave our warehouse.

How Turkey Shops With Borderlinx

Now that you understand Turkey’s import and export regulations, you’re all set to start shopping with Borderlinx. Here’s a look into what our members in Turkey like to buy and where they shop.

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