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About Father's Day

Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June in many countries around the world. In the United States, the first unofficial Father's Day was celebrated in 1910 in Washington State thanks to a young woman named Sonora Smart Dodd. Her father was a single parent of six, and Sonora believed he should be honored for his hard work just as Mothers are celebrated on Mother's Day. She approached the local community center and church with the suggestion, and they loved it.

Although the idea of Father's Day spread across the United States, it wasn't until 1972 when President Richard Nixon established it as an observed holiday nationwide. It may have taken a long time to materialize in the U.S., but today Father's Day is one of the biggest holidays in the country.

Now that you know a little bit more about the origins of the holiday in the U.S., let's look at possible gifts for dear old Dad.

Shopping for Father's Day: What To Buy

Is it just us, or is it always a littler harder to shop for Dad? Whether you have an idea of what you want or need some help getting started, here are a few ideas Dad will appreciate.

  • Werkzeuge

    It may be cliché to give Dad tools on Father's Day, but prices on these items drop around the holiday. Maybe there's a home project Dad has been trying to finish. Or maybe he's been complaining that his tools are old and tired. Either way, he'll love that you're giving him something he normally would get for himself for a change. Check out retailers like eBay or Lowe's for deals.

  • Tech

    If you really want to stray from traditional gifts, take a look at popular releases in tech. Does Dad need a new tablet? Or maybe he's adventurous and wants a new camera. Oh! What about a fitness tracker? Tech deals are not as common around this time of year, but that doesn't mean you won't find noteworthy discounts from some retailers. Take a look at TechRabbit or Amazon for plenty of ideas and sales.

  • Leather Accessories

    Want Dad to feel like a million bucks? Then consider buying him a quality leather accessory. From wallets to iPad cases, travel bags to journals, you're sure to find something that will make Dad smile. Aspinal of London and Etsy are great places to start looking for unique leather goods.

Snapshot of 2017 Father's Day Sales

For gift-giving holidays, it's always best to buy early. You'll see some Father's Day sales in the weeks leading up to June 17, but if you just want to take advantage of some savings for yourself (no shame!) then make sure to shop Father's Day weekend sales. The bigger sales typically start on Friday before the holiday and wrap up on Sunday.

Here are some of the sales offered on Father's Day weekend 2017.

How did Borderlinx Customers Shop Over Father's Day Last Year?

Here's a peek at how Borderlinx members shopped in the weeks leading up to Father's Day in 2017.

Top 10 Products
  • 21%

    Health and Beauty Products

  • 17%

    Shirts & Tops, Men and Women

  • 13%

    Tools, other

  • 11%

    Fashion Accessories (Watches, wallets, hats, etc.)

  • 8%


  • 7%

    Cell Phone Accessories

  • 7%

    Dietary Supplements

  • 6%


  • 5%

    Baby Clothing and Accessories

  • 4%

    Auto Parts and Accessories

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How to Save on International Shipping During Father's Day

Dad would want you to ship internationally without any headaches. Respect his wishes and let Borderlinx help you enjoy savings and stress-free delivery on your Father's Day orders.

  • Estimate International Shipping Fees

    Borderlinx's Shipping Cost Calculator is a handy way to estimate the total cost of shipping from the Borderlinx hub to your home. We even include guaranteed tax and duty cost in our calculation.

  • Let Borderlinx Send Gifts Directly to Dad

    So you found a gift for Dad. Yay! But shipping to him internationally on your own is not so cheer-worthy. This year, let Borderlinx send your gift directly to Dad. All you have to do is release the package from our hub to Dad's delivery address, and he'll receive everything in no time.*

  • We'll Take Care of Customs Paperwork

    Take the guesswork out of customs fees and paperwork, and let Borderlinx handle payment for taxes and duties on your Father's Day purchases.

Have fun shopping!

Sources: LifeHacker, DealsPlus, Dummies.com. * Please refer to our Prohibited Items list for products that cannot be internationally shipped with Borderlinx.

*For international shipping only. Packages cannot be shipped domestically from our hubs.