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If you want to look and feel better, then Boots USA is the place for you. Having initially come about as a small drugstore, Boots USA has developed into something much bigger, offering you cosmetics, beauty products and much more. Boots USA has something for women, men and children and thanks to Boots USA sales you can find the products you're looking for at affordable prices. And thanks to Boots USA's environmental commitment, you can be sure that you're buying from a socially responsible retailer.

Boots USA offers a wide range of different beauty products for young and old alike and in all different shapes and sizes. You won't need to break the bank for Boots USA gift boxes which will make the transition to the summer that little bit easier for you. With skincare products, make-up, luxury spa creams and much more, Boots USA has it all covered. And because they develop so many of their own products, the prices are not through the roof. Once you've found what you're after, don't forget him, Boots USA has everything the health-conscious man could want as well.

Pay international shipping, tax & duties upfront when you buy Boots USA and then ship to your home country for a cheap cost thanks to Borderlinx. You can use our Shipping cost calculator to work out tax & duty up front, and with our wide range of Borderlinx services, you can also benefit from our concierge, free repacking and consolidation services.

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  • Estimate your shipping fees

    Our Shipping Cost Calculator tool helps you estimate your fees before you purchase an item. It provides a fair estimate of the international shipping costs to your home address. Just fill in the form indicating the dimensions, the weight and the nature of your product for an accurate assessment.
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  • Save up to 25% on shipping fees

    Our Repacking Service will help reduce the volume of your packages. European or Asian merchants may not pack your parcels in the most cost-efficient way. We try to optimize the shipment by repacking it into smaller envelopes when possible.
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  • Consolidate your purchases and reduce the charges on international shipping

    Virtually combine 2 (or more) separate packages into 1 single shipment to reduce the charges on international shipping. When your different orders are delivered to your Borderlinx address, we’ll hold them for you for up to 30 days, at no charge. When you’re ready, we’ll ship the consolidated package to your home.
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  • Protect your shipment value

    Protect your goods during transit from our hub to your home address with Borderlinx’ opt-in cover, SafetyLinx, guaranteeing shipment value protection. You’ll have a total peace of mind knowing that your parcels are protected in the event of loss or damage during transportation.
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