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Artisanal footwear, industrial durability and inimitable fashion: such are the quality of the shoes available from Dr Martens USA. Who doesn't love to look good while feeling great? For over a half century, Dr Martens USA styles have embodied the rebellious and innovative qualities of youth fashion, in models for the whole family: men, women and children. In addition to super comfortable, stylish shoes, Dr Martens USA has also made a name for itself in clothing, accessories and industrial wear. While capturing the essence of British super fashion, the Dr Martens USA brand also represents a dedication to social responsibility, so that you never look back once you've tried on your first pair of Dr Martens USA shoes.

When buying from Dr Martens USA, the chances of being satisfied are endless. Men and women's shoes, kids' shoes, industrial uniforms, clothing, accessories- no matter what you're looking for, you'll find what you need. And with this season's new arrivals of lace-up boots, you'll take a step ahead of your peers in comfortable, stand-out fashion. Prices at Dr Martens USA vary, but nearly everything is available for between 100 and 200.

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