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Founded by the French tennis player Ren? Lacoste nicknamed "the crocodile" for his tenacity on the court, Lacoste USA can be recognized by its world famous green crocodile logo. Most famous for its polo shirts, Lacoste USA is a high-end clothing company that makes apparel, footwear, perfume, leather goods, watches, and eyewear for men and women, and in more recent years, sheeting and towels. Its new slogan "Life is a beautiful sport" underlines Lacoste USA's devotion to sports in everyday life, a visible inspiration in its fashion line.

Lacoste USA creates high-end fashion for Men, Women and Kids. Bring some chic and class ? la fran?aise to your wardrobe with the iconic Lacoste USA Polos that exist in a plethora of colours. For casual sophistication, trust in the classic cuts of Lacoste USA Dresses for women. For a younger, more animated look, check out the new Lacoste USA Live collection for vivid colours and patterns. The designs of Lacoste USA Eyewear won't let you go unseen. Lacoste USA products range in price with an average of $150 for a pair of Men's footwear and $150 for a Women's handbag.

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