About us

Who we are

We are revolutionising the way people shop around the world by providing the freedom to purchase from any website using their very own UK, Hong Kong or German shipping address. We are used by both consumers and businesses to buy all sorts of products and merchandise from overseas.

We also provide a business suit of cross-border services so any merchant can integrate the Borderlinx service directly into their ecommerce front-end and backoffice. Please visit our dedicated B2B solutions website or our Company page on LinkedIn®.

The management team

  1. Jérôme Mercier

    Jérôme Mercier, CEO

    12 years experience in eCommerce, product and marketing.
    Jerome has extensive experience in the intermediation business model as the co-founder of Kelkoo.com, Europe's leading price comparison site.
    He has a strong background in retailing having also served as CMO of PhotoBox.com.

  2. Yves Languepin, CTO

    20 years of experience in web & eCommerce business (ChateauOnline, EYEKA, eBuzzing). Yves combines a strong vision for innovation with successful track records in starting and building technology-enabled services and media businesses.

    Yves Languepin
  3. Sébastien Dubuisson

    Sébastien Dubuisson, CPO and Head of Marketing & Customer Support

    12 years experience in eCommerce & product management (ebay). Sebastien developed a deep understanding of the internet industry, both in terms of business strategy and product design. His focus has been on optimising complex ecosystems through a customer-centric and analytical approach, to generate additional purchases & revenue.

  4. Elizabeth Marshall, VP Supply Chain Innovations

    Over 14 years experience within the logistics industry (Fedex, UPS, Groupon). Elizabeth is an award winning expert in providing end to end supply chain solutions. She is an outstanding sales and procurement professional, who is experienced in multiple vertical markets, with distinctive competencies in the e-commerce and retail arena.

    Elizabeth Marshall
  5. Phil Ochsner

    Phil Ochsner, Director of Business Development

    15 years in Sales and Business Development, leading teams at a number of software start-ups, including Zillow, DocuSign, Tableau, and K2 Software. Phil's knowledge, experience, and success has been largely aided by his data driven and consultative approach. Finding optimal solutions for his clients is a passion and science that he continues to strive for.

  6. Franck Guellerin, VP Business Development (Europe)

    12 years experience in Sales and Business Development, holding senior management positions in the areas of IT and Telecoms. Franck has a deep experience and keen understanding of business issues, and a strong ability to nurture solid relationships with customers.

    Franck Guellerin

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