How do I place orders?

Just fill in the Concierge order request form to tell us:

  • Description - you can copy and paste this from the store's description.
  • Price - use the total price for the number of pieces of each item you are ordering.
  • Quantity - the number of items you want us to order for you.
  • Item code - the seller's website may also call it an item reference number, catalogue number or SKU - Stock Keeping Unit.
  • Size and color - if applicable.
  • Other notes - if you need to tell us any particular instructions, or if you have a promotion code for this, let us know here.
Do this for each line item and then check the details of your order.

Please note that there are instances when we will need to request further information to complete your order. For example, we may need:

  • - An update of your phone number, billing and delivery address, etc.
  • - Your account verification with a photo of your card and bank statement
  • - A product size, color, etc.

We strongly encourage you to reply swiftly to requests from our team as we are required to place Concierge orders within 10 days of the order date. We must cancel your order if you do not fulfill our requests within this time frame. If you would still like us to move forward with the order after we cancel it, you will have to place a new Concierge order.

In the following situations, however, we will automatically cancel any order without cost to you if:

  • - It includes a prohibited item that Borderlinx cannot ship internationally
  • - An item is out of stock
  • - The total price is higher than you have authorized