What is the Borderlinx Package Repacking feature?

Our Package Repacking feature helps save you money on high shipping fees. Sometimes retailers ship your orders to our warehouse in excessive packaging, so when applicable, our team will repackage your items in a small padded envelope. Doing so reduces the package's volumetric weight, which can lower your shipping fees. To learn more about shipping weight and how it affects your packages with Borderlinx, read our 'What is Volumetric Weight?' FAQ.

Here's What We Don't Repack

Keep in mind that we only repack individual shipments and do not merge two or more shipments into one. See the following list for items that we do not repack.

  • Fragile or special care items
  • All large electronic goods (laptop, e-reader, etc.)
  • Computer components/parts
  • Computer accessories (mouse, keyboard, etc.)
  • Small electronic accessories such as headphones
  • Gift-wrapped packages
  • Inner-sealed or shrink-wrapped packaging
  • Specialized branded packaging such as designer boxes or wrapping for shoes, boots, clothing and fashion accessories
  • Shoes
  • Auto parts

If your shipment contains items that cannot be legally or safely shipped, we won't be able to separate those items from other items in the same shipment. As a reminder, if a package contains such items, it's your responsibility to arrange a return to the retailer, provide an alternative domestic delivery address, or give us instructions to dispose of them. See our Prohibited Items FAQ for more information.