What is SafetyLinx?

SafetyLinx is shipment value protection cover from Borderlinx providing opt-in protection for your goods in transit from our hub to you. It provides the assurance and peace of mind that your purchases are protected in the event of loss or damage in transit.

Note: SafetyLinx is mandatory (required) for all shipments valued at US$250 or more (or equivalent in other currency).

For used or second-hand goods, SafetyLinx protection is limited to loss during transportation. Sorry, SafetyLinx does not protect against damage caused during transportation to those items.

Borderlinx SafetyLinx doesn’t not cover any of the following:

  • loss or damage to the package sent by the seller to our export facility
  • indirect loss or damage
  • loss or damage caused by delays
  • values in excess of US25,000 (or equivalent in other currency)
  • damage to used or second-hand goods