Plug adapter

When buying electronics from overseas, the plugs are different depending where they’re coming from. Certain are round shaped when other are square, they can have 2 or 3 prongs.

The solution is to purchase an adapter. You can find one in your regular hardware store. For an all in one tool, get the universal adapter.

Note : the adapter does not convert electricity.

Check the chart comparing the different plugs :

  • Type A

    USA, Canada

  • Type B

    USA, Canada

  • Type C

    Europlug, CEE standards

  • Type D

    India, Macau, South Africa, Sri Lanka

  • Type E

    Belgium, France, Poland, Slovakla

  • Type F

    France, Germany

  • Type G

    Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom

  • Type H


  • Type I

    Australia, China, New Zealand

  • Type J


  • Type K


  • Type L


Voltage transformer

  •  220-240 Volts | 50Hz
  •  220-240 Volts | 50Hz
  •  100-127 Volts | 60Hz
  •  100-127 Volts | 50Hz

North America (Canada, USA, Mexico), parts of Central and South America and the Caribbean operate on 110V/120V, while the vast majority of the world runs on 220V/230V.
Also, many countries operate on both 110V and 220V. This has been an issue for buying electronics overseas for a long time but nowadays most cameras, notebooks and mobile phone chargers are made for both voltages.

To know what voltage range is your device, see the indications on your label : if it states something similar to 100V≈240V, that means your product is dual voltage.
For the non-equipped devices, you need to know their requirements to determine the right purchase of a voltage transformer.

Do you need a step-up or step-down transformer ? Are they recommended for all type of devices ?

Electronic devices

Electronic devices are using chips and circuits to operate (like the printers, computers, VCRs, etc.). Nowadays more electronics items, including smartphones, music players and some digital cameras are chargeable with a USB plug.

For the other devices using a regular plug and not offering a built-in converter, a travel size voltage converter is enough to operate your product.

Electric devices

Electric appliances have a high power heating element or mechanical motor like hair dryers, irons, shavers, steamers or coffee heaters.

For those heat producing appliances, a voltage transformer (bigger and heavier in size) are adapted to a normal use.