Meet the partner

Partner X, who has wished to remain anonymous, is a mid-sized growing electronics and accessories retailer from the United States that features product catalogues.

They have a solid local customer base and want to develop their business. To do so they want have decided to broaden their horizons and have decided to expand internationally.

Partner X had previously looked into international shipping but found the international legislation/customs procedures to be extremely complicated, the necessary IT changes too heavy and the shipping quotes very high.

What they were looking for was a simple, cost-efficient and quick way to make international shipping available for their customers, without having to spend months negotiating shipping tariffs or implementing heavy technical changes.

The solution: Becoming a Borderlinx Premium Partner
and solve his international delivery problems very simply

  • 1  Become a Premium Partner
  • Increase their audience

    Partner X now offers international shipping and make his products available to customers across 59 countries.

  • International delivery as easy as local

    There as no risk or investment needed to do this. Borderlinx takes charge of all the complications.

  • Easy integration

    Partner X made this available to his customers in just a few hours.

  • 2  Attract international customers
  • Newsletter promotion

    One of their top products was featured in our holiday newsletter campaign.

  • Exclusive discount

    Partner X decided to give an exclusive 200ff to Borderlinx users to boost promotion and user engagement.

  • Trusted partner

    Their logo is featured on our “Trusted Partners” page.

  • 3  Enjoy
  • Partner X now offers international shipping. Integration took less than a day… All of this was cost-free.


    •  The newsletter was viewed over 50,000 times.
    •  80% of users who clicked on Partner X’s link in the newsletter revisited their site at a later date.
    •  A growing portion of their sales are transiting through the Borderlinx hubs and going to international customers.

So why wait? Become a Borderlinx Premium Partner now.
Visit our Tutorial Page to see how quick and simple it is to start earning with Borderlinx.