Shop with PayPal

Check out with ease, all without sharing your financial information.

  • Spend More Time Shopping
    Check out simply and securely at millions of online stores with just an email and password.

  • Pay Your Way
    PayPal allows you to pay with your UnionPay card or credit card. It's your money, you choose how you spend it.

  • Currency Made Simple
    PayPal accepts 26 currencies from 203 countries and markets and all of the conversion is done for you for a small fee.

  • The Safe Way To Shop
    If your package doesn't show up or is different from what was described, PayPal will refund your money and help with your dispute.

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Ship with Borderlinx

Ship internationally without surprises. Borderlinx has you covered.

  • Delivery Duty Paid
    All import tax and duty are calculated and paid up front so there are no hidden fees or surprises on delivery.

  • Save on Shipping Fees
    Our free repacking service will reduce the volume of your packages and add a additional layer of protection to them.

  • Consolidate Your Orders
    Combine multiple orders under one tracking number so all your packages will be delivered together and you only pay the 1st kilo once.

  • Personalized Assistance
    Our concierge solution allows you to shop online on US, European and Asian stores that don't accept your payment card.

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