Service Announcement: US Address Suspended

Dear Borderlinx Customer,

Effective on May 8, 2018, Borderlinx will be suspending cross-border shipping from the US. As of that date, you will no longer be able to buy from US merchants and have your packages processed at the Borderlinx Hub. We will still process and ship packages of products you purchase from UK, European and Hong Kong merchants.

For several years our US Hub was located in Dayton, Ohio, and the Hub service was handled on our behalf by DHL Express. For operational reasons, in September 2017 our US Hub was moved from Dayton to Lockbourne, Ohio, where the Hub service is handled by a different DHL company, DHL Supply Chain.

Unfortunately, we have a dispute with DHL Supply Chain that, as of now, we have not been able to resolve, and DHL Supply Chain has advised us they are terminating our Hub contract.

We are exploring all possible solutions, but at present we cannot predict the outcome.

As we prepare to suspend our US shipping service, here is what you need to know:

New Packages to US Hub Address

Our US Hub will not accept any new packages from US merchants after May 16, 2018. Packages delivered after this time will be rejected and returned to the sender. This means that you need to place any new US orders by May 11, 2018 in order to allow sufficient time for them to be delivered by the cut-off date of May 16, 2018.

Existing US Packages

You must ship all existing packages in your US suite account by May 20, 2018. To ease shipping, we are providing two separate promotional codes for existing packages at the US Hub.

  • CLEARSUITE: 20% off the shipping charges for all shipments from the US Hub
  • NOCHARGE: 100% off all US Storage Fees

We will send you reminders by email between now and May 20, 2018.

IMPORTANT! If any items are left in your US suite after May 20, 2018, they will be treated as abandoned goods according to the following modification of Borderlinx's established policy:

  • Any package for which you have not given us shipping instructions by May 20, 2018 will be deemed abandoned, and we may dispose of it in any manner permitted by law.
  • Should you determine that you no longer wish to ship items stored in your suite, for whatever reason, you are entitled to request their disposal. Where products can be returned to the merchant, Borderlinx will arrange this at your cost. Any correspondence with the merchant must be conducted by you. If the products cannot be returned to the merchant, Borderlinx will arrange disposal. Please contact us.
Important Dates
US Address Suspended Tuesday May 8, 2018
Last Day for New Packages Wednesday May 16, 2018
Last Day to Ship Sunday May 20, 2018

Prohibited Items

Be sure to check Borderlinx's list of Prohibited Items before you buy any products from US merchants before May 11, 2018.

If any Prohibited Item is delivered for you, it will be handled according to Borderlinx's Terms and Conditions, section 27.a which is reprinted here for your convenience:
Borderlinx will place on "hold" all products that are restricted or prohibited for export or import to the destination country. Additionally, any product deemed unsafe for international transportation will be prohibited for shipment and placed on hold. See sections 36 and 37 below and our Prohibited items FAQ. After you have been notified of the "hold" status, we will, at your request, arrange for the item to be either returned to the merchant, shipped to an alternative US address, or disposed of. Applicable charges will apply. You will have 14 days to advise disposition of the product. If you have not responded to our notification within 14 days, the product may be destroyed.

We truly regret having to take this action. We hope you will continue to use Borderlinx for items you buy from UK, Europe, and Hong Kong.

The Borderlinx Team