FAQs - New U.S. Address Change

Shopping in the United States and Shipping with Borderlinx

1. I had shipments in the Dayton, Ohio hub. What happened to them?

We transferred your shipments to the new hub in Lockbourne, Ohio. You have the usual 30 days of free storage before charges are applied.

2. I have recent shipments being delivered to the Dayton hub. What do I do?

Your shipments will be redirected and arrive safely at our new location. Just log in to your account to release your shipments as usual. For future purchases, don't forget to use the new hub address at checkout when shopping with retailers.

3. When should I start using the new hub address?

Immediately. All future shipments should be addressed to your new Lockbourne, Ohio hub address.

4. How long will the Dayton, Ohio hub remain open?

The Dayton, Ohio hub is no longer open. Please use your new address immediately to avoid any shipment delays.

5. Does this new address replace my Dayton, Ohio address?

Yes. You should no longer use the Dayton, Ohio hub address for U.S. deliveries. Please make sure to update your address book on any merchant website you use.

6. Where can I find the new address?

The new address can be found in the "My suite addresses" section of your Borderlinx dashboard.

7. Will my suite number change?

No. Your suite number remains the same. Remember to always enter your suite number at retailer checkout because it’s part of your unique address with Borderlinx.

8. Will this delay the delivery of my orders?

No. There are no delays on orders sent to the Dayton, Ohio hub from now until September 8, 2017. However, orders sent to the Dayton, Ohio hub after September 8 should expect a delivery delay of two days.

9. When will orders start shipping out?

Shipments will be transferred to the new hub from September 9, 2017 to September 13, 2017. On September 14​th​, operations will resume as normal and ​orders will be dispatched for immediate carrier pickup. Orders​ authorized for​ release during this transfer period will be on hold until operations resume​ on September 14th.

10. What will happen if I mistakenly ship an order to the Dayton, Ohio hub?

To avoid delays, please make sure orders placed are shipped to your correct US address. Orders sent to the Dayton, Ohio address will be transferred to the new Lockbourne, Ohio hub within 2-5 days.

11. Will I still be able to consolidate my orders?

Yes. All packages have been moved to the new location, so you can log in to your Borderlinx account to consolidate your orders as usual.

Have other questions?

Our customer service team is available 24/7 to offer more details about our hub relocation.

How Borderlinx works

  1. When you shop on any U.S. website, enter your complete Borderlinx address as your delivery address at checkout.

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  2. We'll email you when your order is delivered to our export facility. When you're ready, sign in to Borderlinx.com and release it.

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  3. Approximately 2-5 working days later, your package will be delivered to your home .

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