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The smartphone forever changed when the iPhone was introduced to the world in 2007. Initially, people didn’t think the device would be a hit with customers. But now with one billion units sold, it’s safe to say the public has more than embraced Apple’s revolutionary phone.

So what’s so great about the latest iPhone? It just makes everything easier. From taking beautiful, high-resolution pictures to allowing convenient internet browsing at your fingertips, the iPhone has become the benchmark for smartphones on the market. It’s a computer in your pocket!

The latest iPhone 8 introduces an all new design with wireless charging technology. iPhone now has the new A11 chip, the most powerful processor ever in a smartphone. The phone comes in two sizes and three colors.

Not to be outdone, Apple's 10th anniversary saw the release of the new iPhone X. The new smartphone is visually stunning with its edge-to-edge screen, providing a truly immersive experience. The iPhone X shares many new features with the iPhone 8 but it is the Face ID software that brings facial recognition to the latest iPhone generation. Now unlocking the iPhone X is as simple as picking it up and looking into the front-facing, depth-sensing camera. This new technology was made possible by Apple's A11 Bionic Chip, the company’s first Neural Engine. The new chip is capable of 600 billion operations per second. The phone comes in two finishes and capacities.

The iPhone has always been full of features but the latest generation brings wireless charging, water-resistance, facial recognition and much more. Plus, with access to Apple’s renowned App Store, you’ll have millions of apps available to you, including games, shopping tools, augmented reality enabled apps and much more.

With Borderlinx you can buy the iPhone in the USA and ship to your home country. You can pay international shipping fees, including tax and duty up front using our Shipping Cost Calculator. Borderlinx services are built to make shipping the iPhone internationally hassle-free, including shopping concierge, package repacking and package consolidation.

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