What is Delivered Duty Paid and Delivered Duty Unpaid?

Depending on the shipping method available/selected, Borderlinx provides customers with two options when paying for customs.

  • Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)

    Pay applicable custom tax and duty at Borderlinx checkout. Customers who ship DDP will not incur additional customs tax and duty upon delivery of the package.

  • Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU)

    Pay all applicable custom tax and duty at the time of home delivery. Customers who ship DDU will pay customs tax and duty when their package is delivered to the final shipping address.

Customers should note that the export and import of goods is highly regulated. Each country imposes different customs duty and tax on imported goods. Whether you ship DDP or DDU, customs will be due if applicable. We recommend that customers ship DDP when possible because it is the most hassle-free solution for tax and duty payment.