Must I enter my Suite number in the shipping address field when I place my order?

Your suite number identifies you as a unique Borderlinx customer when your package arrives to our hub. Along with your suite number, your Borderlinx shipping address(es) can be found when you log into your account and locate "My suite addresses" in your dashboard. Each address in this section is displayed in the most common format used by retailers in these countries. However, this can vary from retailer to retailer.

You may have to enter your suite number after your name or in the first address line. For U.S. retailers, your suite number should be entered in the first line, as displayed in your Borderlinx dashboard. Some retailers may not accept the hyphen (-) in your suite number. If this is the case, try replacing the hyphen with a space.

As a reminder, if a suite number is not included with the delivery address, we may have difficulty identifying your package and additional fees may apply.

If you are expecting a package but haven't received a "New Delivery" notice from Borderlinx, please contact Customer Support. We can help locate your package if the retailer did not include the correct suite number on the address label.

Packages that are not identified after 90 days will be disposed of as permitted by law.