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How it works

Convenient and Exclusive.

We are a multinational consumer package delivery company headquartered in Belgium. We deliver excellent package delivery by linking borders and breaking down boundaries for shoppers all over the world.

When you register with us, we'll give you your very own U.K or U.S address - at no charge and no subscription fee. You can then use your new UK or US Borderlinx address as your delivery address when you shop stores online in that country.

Purchase from any US or UK store

With a myriad of merchant affiliates on our list you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding which store you want to check out first.

Is the store you're looking for not on our list? No problem, you can still use our delivery service and virtual address to shop most online stores anywhere in the UK or US with the same benefits.

Be careful not to order any items that can't be shipped due to legal or safety reasons.

Through the years in service, one enduring passion has kept us going strong, shipment after shipment - delighting our customers. Great value doesn't simply exist in a single exchange, it's an ongoing relationship. As our esteemed customer, here are some of the things you'll also get:

If you need any further assistance you can also check out our comprehensive FAQs list for a detailed explanation on everything from shipping rates to the compatibility of American electrical products in your country.

Great Service, Great Value.

We are believers in offering great value. You can choose to get your purchases right away or shop some more and even combine your purchases with friends - we hold your purchases for 30 days at no cost.

This also means you can combine your purchases from different merchant sites and have it shipped to your house when you are ready. Simply let us know when you would like to receive it, and we'll ship your items to you in one delivery, because one package mean big savings.

No more unpleasant surprises with shipping fees or customs duties either, because with our Shipping Cost Calculator tool, you will get a good estimate of how much your purchase will cost in your own currency- shipping rates, customs duties and taxes included!

You Remain in the Know

We will email you when your goods arrive at your Borderlinx address and we'll email you again when your goods are shipped. You can also log-in to your Borderlinx account to check the Delivery Status and track your package as it makes its way to you.