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Отзывы о Borderlinx.

  • Borderlinx is such a great avenue or should I say link when you purchase products from different parts of the globe that you are assured of a fast and efficient delivery system.

    Armando Garcia, Qatar, 05/2016

  • Very nice staff, especially when you have any concerns, thanks.

    Lynsey Kennedy, Great Britain, 05/2016

  • The best and fastest shipment solution for US sellers who don't want to ship internationally to Europe (Netherlands in my case). Thanks!! It makes the world smaller!!

    Dennis Beverdam, Netherlands, 05/2016

  • Brilliant service so far!!!!

    Les Ferguson, New Zealand, 05/2016

  • This was my first time using this service and I can't believe how easy it was and how quickly my items arrived. I can't believe I have lived abroad 3 years without knowing you existed.

    Amy Vaillant, Germany, 05/2016

  • I am happy with Borderlinx. They give me an only way out when I need to buy things with no shipping to my island. Best thing is they work with DHL.Thanks.

    Puryag Ashveen, Mauritius, 02/2016

  • Your website has the appropriate information for me, and the arrival date was perfect as it is fast and correct with the date written in the first time. The package wasn't damaged, and all the necessary papers were sent outside the packege so it didn't wait in the border customs service. It was a perfect experience for me. I would like to go on using your service. Thanks.

    Evrim Samanli, Turkey, 02/2016

  • I was very satisfied with the customer service representative who helped me solve a technical problem that was preventing me from releasing my shipment. The matter was looked into quickly, and I was able to pay and release the shipment.

    Anne Wong, Singapore, 02/2016

  • So far so good. Borderlinx to the rescue, especially for items that cannot be shipped worldwide from the U.S.

    Lukasz Walach, Finland, 02/2016

  • Borderlinx has been 100% reliable in all my shipments. Shipping is fast, and all my items arrived in good condition. I also love the DHL tracking feature, which allows me to estimate the arrival of my items.

    John Sng, Singapore, 02/2016

  • This is the first time I shopped from abroad. So I was worried a bit. But since Borderlix provides step by step how to shop and ship, there was no problem--even though the last item I bought was a special gift which I sent to a different country than where I am now. I was really pleased with Borderlinx services.

    Reza Dwiaji, Indonesia, 02/2016

  • Awesome service! They keep you up to date and informed about your package en route.

    Natalie Evans, Canada, 02/2016

  • Best P.O. Box provider on the net.

    Hussain Ramadan, Kuwait, 02/2016

  • Very happy with every aspect of the shipping experience.

    Shane Stevic, United States, 02/2016

  • Very efficient and timely delivery process with updates along the way.

    Gina Goh, Singapore, 02/2016

  • Excellent website for follow-up. Perfect customer service. I've contacted them many times (for inquiries, not troubles), and they were always helpful (and in a short delay).

    Stephane Roulet, Belgium, 02/2016

  • I would recommend Borderlinx to anyone. They are precise, and they do the work effectively.

    Ihab Ibrahim Amer, Egypt, 02/2016

  • Best competitor regarding the shipment of goods in the U.S. with competitive prices.

    Ali Al Humod, Saudi Arabia, 02/2016

  • The best thing about Borderlinx is the prompt delivery right to my office once my package arrives in the country. Also, I am able to order products that are not allowed from other similar services (e.g. liquid cosmetics, health supplements, food products). By law in my country, vitamins and supplements are usually sent from customs for government inspection, but through Borderlinx's relationship with DHL, it is easy to have them released within a couple days. That's a service that wouldn't be possible without Borderlinx.

    Kathleen Ludwig, Qatar, 02/2016

  • Reasonable price. Shipments arrived to my house door unexpectedly fast in well-maintained condition. Customer service is efficient and doesn't take a long time to respond.

    Nehal Jambi, Saudi Arabia, 02/2016

  • Love Borderlinx. Especially the ability to consolidate my shopping from different sites and at reasonable shipping rates.

    Richard Christopher Dyason, Singapore, 02/2016

  • Borderlinx is a very efficient way to purchase items from sellers who do not ship directly to my country. A very efficient and user-friendly service. Well done.

    Trevor Chircop Bray, Malta, 02/2016

  • I love using Borderlinx because any possible customs charges are avoided by paying for everything all at once.

    Ameena Pierre-Davis, United Kingdom, 02/2016

  • SO much easier to use than other re-packaging \/ onshipping services that I have used. I am very happy.

    Yvonne Kirk, Australia, 02/2016

  • I have been a loyal customer since I first joined and it is my go-to service for all my shipments.

    Devaratth Nambiearr, Oman, 02/2016

  • I live in the U.S. so having this option is fantastic when I shop in on U.K. websites

    John Breslawski, United States, 02/2016

  • Been a customer for many years, and will be for many more. Great service.

    Wan Norman Nasir, Malaysia, 02/2016

  • Borderlinx is the way to go. You can shop and ship with ease.

    Kim Siang Gan, Singapore, 02/2016

  • Everything about Borderlinx is great. Shipment was on time and all items arrived safely.

    Najwa Amir, Malaysia, 02/2016

  • Simple, fast, reliable. I can not ask for more.

    George Kleanthous, Cyprus, 02/2016

  • Easy to follow processes, fast and accurate communication & prompt shipping. Overall, a simple, effortless experience.

    Shane Mills, New Zealand, 02/2016

  • Borderlinx is prompt with processing and releasing shipments. Fair system for charging for volumetric weight.

    Andrew Lau, Singapore, 02/2016

  • Really appreciate the customer service to reply very quickly, and their responses are extremely informative and relevant to my inquiries. Thanks once again. You have gained a loyal customer indeed. Cheers!

    Zhenmin Jia, Singapore, 02/2016

  • Great company, easy to use and package received in no time!

    Alana Mascarenhas, United Kingdom, 02/2016

  • Borderlinx is a really good service offered at competitive prices. I love using it.

    Prashanth Prabhu, United Arab Emirates, 02/2016

  • A very easy method to have your goods delivered to your doorstep in Qatar. Less hassle than the conventional forwarding services in Qatar, as they will take care the formalities with custom and duties.

    Muhammad Taufik, Qatar, 02/2016

  • A completely fuss-free process with easy tracking!

    Stephania Moore, Singapore, 02/2016

  • I moved over to Borderlinx from a local postage service because of their competitive prices. It's really made buying from overseas stores so much easier, and their user-friendly interface makes it really easy to track packages and pay for them. I've recommended Borderlinx to friends looking for a good shipping service. Thanks!

    Lee Cheng Quek, Singapore, 02/2016

  • Very efficient and reliable. Much faster in delivery than other forwarding services.

    Abbas Alshatti, Kuwait, 02/2016

  • Living in Thailand I often buy stuff on Amazon that I can't get here. Sometimes the vendors won't ship direct so I use Borderlinx as an intermediary. Without fail they do their job superbly. No fuss, everything arrives quickly. Even Thai customs fees are handled for me.

    Alistair Cunningham, Thailand, 02/2016

  • I have always struggled with buying things online because most websites did not ship to my country. Thankfully with Borderlinx, I could order anything and not worry about it.

    Rawan Al-Nassiri, Qatar, 02/2016

  • Thanks to my Borderlinx address in the U.K., I am able to save money on multiple international shipments to my French address. I buy multiple times, then when everything has been delivered to Borderlinx U.K., I pay for only one consolidated package to be released. Smart!

    Julie Rosenblatt, France, 02/2016

  • Excellent responsive customer service with availability of chat. This makes it possible to resolve issues almost instantly. Definitely my favorite shipping service!

    Yvonne Loh, Singapore, 02/2016

  • Borderlinx is a really useful tool to help get items shipped to your country from shops that usually wouldn't ship to you. They have a very fast turn around and items arrive to me quickly.

    Osburh Rigg-Widdowson, United Kingdom, 02/2016

  • Borderlinx is really great. They've been a great help during Christmas, and their shipping rates are fair.

    Hussain Surti, United Arab Emirates, 02/2016

  • Borderlinx is the perfect way to buy multiple items off online shops if you live abroad, because you only pay shipping once. It is so great because they let you "buffer" items into one big order. Also, you're not bound to just Amazon.

    Simon Altmeyer, Germany, 02/2016

  • Really quick delivery from the U.S. to the U.K. with no problems. Would definitely use again if ever I need to.

    Cara Willis, United Kingdom, 02/2016

  • Been using the service for the last three years. Flawless performance and reliability.

    Shiv, India, 10/2015

  • A far better service than other similar companies. Top recommendation over others. Although a bit pricy, I get my shipments faster and more easily.

    Abbas, Kuwait, 10/2015

  • First I would say thanks for all great services, Borderlinx is the fastest company I deal with honestly. All my stuff takes 3 days to delivered at my home. Try borderlinx, it's the best way to get your stuff fast and safe.

    Obeed, Kuwait, 10/2015

  • If you want the best shipping company on the interet, it will be Borderlinx.

    Adnan, Kuwait, 10/2015

  • Very fast service! I got the notice my parcel arrived and I released it. The next day it shipped and it arrived at my house the following day. All the duties and customs fees were paid.

    Erika, Canada, 10/2015

  • I am impressed. This facility gives us an opportunity to enjoy those stuffs that are not available in SA. Great going.

    Safare, Saudi Arabia, 10/2015

  • If you were living in a country that most US or Europe sellers refuse to ship to or you have multiple items to be consolidated and ship back home. Using Borderlinx is a good way to do it. What I like about Borderlinx is the shipping calculator that allows you to justify if shipping and other import duty and taxes make any sense.

    David, Malaysia, 10/2015

  • Well run organization, with satisfactory response to problems and reliable service with reasonable rates. I would rate Borderlinx as probably the best in its business.

    Philip, Singapore, 10/2015

  • Using Borderlinx was a great relief for me and all product that were shipped where in total good condition. Packages delivered right on time.

    Promise, Malaysia, 10/2015

  • Well. first I will say Borderlinx is above all other rivalries in this business. The fact that you get and address without any upfront payment, this is one of a kind, plus we get no montly fees or charges for using your address. All you have to do is pay for the shipment of goods that you received at your address to be sent to you. I am happy using your service. Thank you Borderlinx.

    Obafemi, Turkey, 10/2015

  • Borderlinx is the solution for international shipping... A friend suggested this site to me. I'm happy to know Borderlinx.

    Fadheela, Qatar, 10/2015

  • This is my third shipment with Borderlinx (I think!) and to date, they have been extremely on time and professional in dealing with whatever requirement I have. The customer service is efficient and they do actually answer right away! I have recommended Borderlinx to my work colleagues here in Dubai and I believe a few have already signed up! Keeping the package in their warehouse for free - for a month is totally awesome. I am always confident with any purchases I make overseas knowing this company values the customer, which is really a plus!

    Laarni, United Arab Emirates, 10/2015

  • Such an excellent service to Australia. Great price options, and an immediate customer service representative at any time if you need it - I have recommended this service to all my friends.

    Allison, Australia, 10/2015

  • I'd never thought that shopping in the US would be so easy. The Borderlinx service takes any worries out of it. 5 Star for it.

    Ruediger, Germany, 10/2015

  • The shipment arrived very quickly to my home. I had absolutely no issues. If you can afford the shipment costs I can absolutely recommend it!

    Silvia, Switzerland, 10/2015

  • Having the repacking service is the best thing any shipper can ask for. Gone are the days of super bulky amazon boxes!

    Tung Whee, Singapore, 10/2015

  • Borderlinx's shipping rate is transparent. But more importantly, it gives me a peace of mind.

    Wee Tiong, Singapore, 10/2015

  • Solves the problem of living abroad where many companies to not ship direct.

    Paul, Oman, 10/2015

  • Before hearing about Borderlinx, I tried Shop and Ship by Aramex. The shipment didn't arrive till a month after I ordered it, arriving to my country without notice, I had to call to find it and have it delivered 3 times. Borderlinx was the exact opposite. Using standard shipping, it arrived 10 days after I ordered from the actual merchant. It was way cheaper and it arrived to my home without me having to call and check about the shipment at all. Basically, Borderlinx saved me from quitting online shopping. It made my life easier.

    Bayan, Saudi Arabia, 10/2015

  • Living in Japan means not always finding things you want from America. After searching around on the Internet, I found Borderlinx. Borderlinx is a company that will ship your orders to whatever country you happen to be in at the time. Shipping was cheaper with them than if my parents had sent it to me. After releasing the shipment on my account, they estimated a 2-3 delivery. No problem, I could wait. But it got here in just a week! All of the products were good. I was super happy with my first Borderlinx experience.

    Laura, Japan, 10/2015

  • Very good service, shipment is well packed, fast delivery, amazing customer service.

    Khalil, Bahrain, 10/2015

  • I love Borderlinx and im so happy I found this service. I'm someone who does most of my shopping outside the UAE and Borderlinx had made it so much easier for me. Some people might complain about the shipping prices but I personally think its great! As borderlinx is teamed up with the best shipping company - DHL, they are offering a fast convenient way to recieve all of your products. Keep up the awesome work Borderlinx team!

    Sarah, United Arab Emirates, 10/2015

  • This service is hassle-free and really helpful, especially dealing with vendors who won't ship to your area. Once the package arrives to your suite you are notified & can release it right away!

    Dean, Japan, 10/2015

  • The main reason I use Borderlinx is to avoid surprises with customs costs. Its consistently cheaper to use Borderlinx pre-paid customs processing/taxes than DHL, UPS, FedEx or any other shipper post-paid services. It's more expensive than USPS but it's much, much faster.

    Luis, Portugal, 10/2015

  • I've been using Bordelinx for the past couple of years and it is the most convenient way of having products shipped from the US or UK without the hassles of 'limited shipping' options. Shipping rates are very competitive and compared to similar services in our area, a little bit more expensive but much more convenient as the parcels are delivered to your home or office. Borderlinx remains my method of choice for shipping.

    Nicolaas, Qatar, 10/2015

  • A simple process once you get the hang of it. Package arrived safely and promptly.

    Mandi, Australia, 10/2015

  • Borderlinx is quick and efficient. Have used the UK address to deliver to Hong Kong 3 times so far and the process had been smooth every time. Keep it up!

    Ada, Hong Kong, 10/2015

  • Borderlinx became an essential for my overseas shopping. Customer service is available 24/7, which is awesomeness!

    Shady, Qatar, 10/2015

  • Borderlinx is filling a dire need in the market - thank you Borderlinx for opening the world for us to shop in! Shop the world, and receive without the fuss-whirl!

    Wai Liam, Malaysia, 05/2015

  • I love Borderlinx because your service rules and you guys are fast and reliable when it comes to shipping. Definitely changed my perspective on eCommerce, now I can order from amazon and other retailers which exclusively cater to USA and UK thanks to you guys.

    Prashanth, UAE, 05/2015

  • Best parts? 24/7 chat & super fast, trackable shipping. Love, love, love it! Also super-convenient how my stuff doesn't get stopped at Customs because I've already paid taxes/duty upfront & there are no hassles. Thank you Borderlinx & DHL!!

    Kristy, Malaysia, 05/2015

  • Duty paid. No surprises. Partnership with the best shipping company DHL. Very good handling CS.

    Hazem Sayed, Egypt, 05/2015

  • Borderlinx works like a charm. Trustworthy, helpful, and friendly to my wallet! It doesn't get better than this.

    Sara, Kuwait, 05/2015

  • I love shopping with Borderlinx because they are reliable and fast.

    Marnely, Philippines, 05/2015

  • I can order my favorite rugby team merchandise from the UK and have it sent to my address in the States!! Love me some Borderlinx!!

    Lisa, USA, 05/2015

  • Its super fast and reliable, I know when I'm getting the package and I know how much I'm paying upfront.

    Jumanah, Kuwait, 05/2015

  • It's a great service which allow me to purchase things that I couldn't find at my place.

    Wong, France, 05/2015

  • Because when I cant ... Borderlinx can.

    Shady, Egypt, 05/2015

  • The service is perfect!!!!

    Frederic, Canada, 05/2015

  • Very fast and easy shipping with reasonable price, very friendly and professional staff, extended office hours.

    Mohammed, Bahrain, 05/2015

  • Borderlinx turns the whole world into one big mall without BORDERs and conveniently LINX to products you desire.

    Mohamed, Egypt, 05/2015

  • Borderlinx makes my shopping absolutely painless.

    Dawn, Singapore, 05/2015

  • Borderlinx gives me a reliable service and flexibility in managing the delivery of my shipment.

    Chris, Singapore, 05/2015

  • Easy to use.

    Edward, Malaysia, 05/2015

  • One stop solution to buy products from US & UK.

    Abhishek, India, 05/2015

  • With Borderlinx I can buy goods in United Kingdom and in the US. It surely links the borders, hence the name.

    Seneval Francon, Philippines, 05/2015

  • It finally allows me to get amazing things to Australia for a reasonable price! And they always get it to me quickly!

    Mark, Australia, 05/2015

  • The most secure shipment company and I can combine all shipments in my mailbox and ship them at once with easy payment methods.

    Waddah, Kuwait, 05/2015

  • I can reach the US from my tiny home island Malta.

    Tamara, Malta, 05/2015

  • Borderlinx makes it so easy to order anything I want from the comfort of home. The versatility of repackaging and consolidating orders plus concierge services add versatility. Simply second to none when it comes to shopping from any corner in the world!

    Wei Di, Singapore, 05/2015

  • Borderlinx !!! The perfect shopping solution.

    Haider, Oman, 05/2015

  • I love Borderlinx basically for the ingenious idea to ship goods to where I am, should the seller not provide this service. It makes my life that much easier and I can finally get my hands on the things I want!

    Andre, Singapore, 05/2015

  • One world. One account!

    Peter, Sweden, 05/2015

  • The ability to order something from the USA without having to pay exterminate prices her in the UK.

    Andrew, UK, 05/2015

  • While living in Finland is great because of our beautiful nature, our remoteness has its downsides. Borderlinx helps to eliminate those and I can get my hands on all the new releases simoultaneously with the rest of the world!

    Antti-Matti, Finland, 05/2015

  • Reliable, trustworthy, conveniant. Stress free.

    Abdulla, Kuwait, 05/2015

  • Easy and fast delivery.

    Pamela, Singapore, 05/2015

  • I love Borderlinx because it opens up a whole new world of international goods to me, made them easily accessible and fills this overwhelming gap in the online market.

    Alvin, Singapore, 05/2015

  • Very fast shipping.

    Abdullah, Saudi Arabia, 05/2015

  • Reliable service, competitive rates and good customer service.

    Chen Peng, Singapore, 05/2015

  • It has the best customer services, fast delivery, and better repackaging.

    Sami, Saudi Arabia, 05/2015

  • Borderlinx truly makes shopping borderless, I can now enjoy the little things I dream of with the touch of a keypad and at a price any shopper would smile at!

    Sarah, Malaysia, 05/2015

  • It's hard for me to buy online because I dont have credit card. But thanks to Borderlinx. I can buy any thing I want. Without credit card with no worries. Thanks Borderlinx.

    Arnold, Kuwait, 05/2015

  • It is fast (3 days DHL delivery), easy (Paypal payment) and reliable (customer service)! What else do you need??

    Bilal Akbar, Oman, 05/2015

  • Using Borderlinx makes it possible to order items that are not send directly to me and items that are not available here in Finland. Borderlinx makes my life happier.

    Timo, Finland, 05/2015

  • Simply because Borderlinx is efficient and affordable!

    Evelyn, Singapore, 05/2015

  • Love using Borderlinx, it makes me sing, makes shopping easy as a wink!

    Carla, Singapore, 05/2015

  • The customer service is amazing they are so nice and they never disappoint me. Also, the newsletters are not annoying like some other websites.

    Deemah, Saudi Arabia, 05/2015

  • Excellent customer service, convenient user interface and timely delivery. You guys are the best! Have been using Borderlinx for years and it never disappoints. As a new parent, I have the PEACE OF MIND that my baby shopping will arrive in time. Thanks again Borderlinx! You have made online shopping an incredible experience!

    Alvin, Singapore, 05/2015

  • It is reliable, one click automatic guarantee method to receive my oversea purchases in perfect condition in the shortest time.

    Choi Peng, Singapore, 05/2015

  • Borderlinx provides quick and reliable international courier services that will deliver the customers' packages safely to their home countries with the least hassle. Salute to their first rate customer-centric quality service.

    Yf, Singapore, 05/2015

  • The fact that I can shop with confidence knowing that my purchases are safe and handled with care and the customer service is great, I always find help with whatever I need the minute I need it, I wouldn't trust any other company because Borderlinx proved to be the best.

    Yara, Saudi Arabia, 05/2015

  • Borderlinx is like shopping without borders. I can purchase items with great accessibility. You have a great customer service system and I can be reassured that my items will reach me fast and in perfect condition. The repacking service is a bonus! I am proud to be your customer!

    Terence, Singapore, 05/2015

  • It's the best way to order and receive your shopping shipments when living abroad. It's fantastic!!!!!

    Waheedah Akilah, UAE, 05/2015

  • Because they handle my shipments with care like I would.

    Ramy, Egypt, 05/2015

  • Fast / safe and very reliable.

    Eladio, Kuwait, 05/2015

  • Often while browsing on Amazon and other sites, I had my heart sent on purchasing items, only to learn that they can't be delivered to Dubai. Borderlinx has eliminated this frustration. I also find the site and service easy to use and extremely convenient. Thank you.

    Nadya, UAE, 05/2015

  • In short: the best, fastest, most convenient and most flexible USA and UK Address Provider with countless other services that make Borderlinx truly stand out from the crowd. Simply irreplaceable.

    Jamal, UAE, 05/2015

  • Borderlinx makes the world become smaller and I can get all the things I want now!

    Lian Fu, Malaysia, 05/2015

  • So easy to use & fantastic service!

    Tanveer, Australia, 05/2015

  • Convenient way of shopping from abroad.

    Deepak, India, 05/2015

  • Being a current SHOP&SHIP (ARAMEX) customer, I tried BORDERLINX and to my surprise, BX is way faster and cheaper! BRAVO! :)

    Faisal, Faisal, 05/2015

  • Borderlinx provides me with a cost-efficient and fuss-free avenue to access the wonderful world of online shopping in the US and the UK. With clear and easy to use addresses and phone numbers, I just have focus on getting the best deal and checkout! Borderlinx also repacks and advises on tax matters such that I can rest assured that once confirmed, my purchases will arrive quickly, smoothly, safely and cheaply. Thank you, Borderlinx!

    Jeffrey, Singapore, 05/2015

  • Safer, easier & faster way to receive my goods in great condition. Also makes buying easier when the company won't ship over seas. Great Job borderlinx. Thanks.

    Darren, Australia, 05/2015

  • Simply the best and the fastest.

    Hamad, Kuwait, 05/2015

  • I love using Borderlinx because it makes global shopping so easy.

    lisa, Australia, 05/2015

  • Borderlinx opens up the doors to the world! And, best of all, Borderlinx brings the world directly to my doorstep.

    Petrina, Singapore, 05/2015

  • It gives me the freedom to shop at retailers with whom I otherwise would not have the chance.

    Gregory, USA, 05/2015

  • Fast, easy and convenient to ship orders.

    Shaik, Saudi Arabia, 05/2015

  • Borderlinx is the fastest & most reliable shipping company that ensures safety & affordable goods shipped to your doorstep. It's amazing!

    Syaihan, Malaysia, 05/2015

  • Borderlinx unlocks my fashion world and delivers happiness!

    Lizi, Singapore, 05/2015

  • The best delivery company.

    Abdulrahman, Saudi Arabia, 05/2015

  • Fast and easy shipping to Egypt with cheap shipping fees.

    Ibrahim, Egypt, 05/2015

  • Fast and good service! Easy for me to make a shipping to Egypt :)

    Majidah, Egypt, 05/2015

  • For me the best way to get stuff from UK or USA to Austria!! You are awesome BIG THXX to Borderlinx Team!! Greets from Austria.

    Manuel, Austria, 05/2015

  • Hassle free online shopping from the USA, convenient and reliable shipping service.

    Christopher, Singapore, 05/2015

  • It hooked me to online shopping and unhooked the frustration of online overseas shopping. Since starting to use BorderLinxs, I can speed through gifting season with zero hassle. Truly links shopping across borders!

    Akash, India, 05/2015

  • Your service allows me to shop as a local, no more thinking about if a company or person ships to my country and the possibility to collect a bunch of items and send them as one package is just awesome!

    Daniel, Sweden, 05/2015

  • Repacking service, good interface, faster delivery, combining multiple shipment which is not there with competition.

    Arifur, Qatar, 05/2015

  • I love using Borderlinx because it provides me with amazing deals and items at low prices. Giving me a chance to purchase electronics, clothes etc from abroad with minimal of charges. Also I love its concierge service which has proved to be very helpful to me. Most importantly the items are delivered quickly in a matter of a few days.

    Abhishek, India, 05/2015

  • It's simple, fuss free and the delivery is efficient. Support is great. That's why I love it an use it all the time.

    Ray, Singapore, 05/2015

  • Borderlinx is fast, convenient and friendly! It is hassle-free and settles all the taxes, and customs processing for me ensuring that my package gets delivered to me in good time!

    Samad, Singapore, 05/2015

  • Albert knows his stuff! thanks for the help.

    Oliver Garside, Chat Survey, 18/11/2014

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    Yudhi, Chat Survey, 15/11/2014

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  • Its quick and easy to chat up. Nice service.

    David, Chat Survey, 14/11/2014

  • Kaeiara has been most helpful and efficient in sorting out my trouble.

    Owen, Chat Survey, 13/11/2014

  • Good service delivered on my questions. Also the idea of creating this company was amazing! Since there are still alot of companies wish do not release or ship product to EU and the rest of the world. Therefor I want thhis to stay alive, since consumers need you!

    Thibaut, Chat Survey, 13/11/2014

  • Simply great.

    Deniz , Chat Survey, 12/11/2014


    Rehab Basri, Chat Survey, 12/11/2014

  • Nope, really easy and nice to chat with.

    Ayesha, Chat Survey, 11/11/2014

  • Appreciate your help on this concierge order.  I am very impressed with the level of customer satisfaction you provide even though there is a slight hiccup on my first order. Thank you once again.

    Lett Koh , Email, 07/11/2014

  • Received! Thank you @Borderlinx

    Emin, Twitter, 06/11/2014

  • Excellent service.

    Navin, Chat Survey, 04/11/2014

  • Excellent.

    Kishore Bvs, Chat Survey, 04/11/2014

  • Awesome.

    Omar, Chat Survey, 02/11/2014

  • Perfect services perfect chat . And got answers for all my questions.

    Karim , Chat Survey, 01/11/2014

  • I am very happy with Borderlinx services. I always recommend my friends to use it to experience the best.

    Mdhasan Jmi, Facebook, 31/10/2014

  • Thank you, is very good.

    Mojab, Chat Survey, 30/10/2014

  • Try @Borderlinx . Its convenient and reliable!

    Vishal Katkoria, Twitter, 29/10/2014

  • I've used Borderlinx once. Worked out well.

    Pranesh Prakash, Twitter, 27/10/2014

  • Very satisfied.

    Nattapong , Chat Survey, 27/10/2014

  • Fast response and clear clarification. Great Company... Thx.

    Khamis, Chat Survey, 26/10/2014

  • Nice person, good language.

    Ahmed , Chat Survey, 26/10/2014

  • The chat service is amazing. I love it.

    Sunil, Chat Survey, 21/10/2014

  • Easy to use chat service, prompt and friendly. Wonderful service.

    Sunil, Chat Survey, 21/10/2014

  • Very fast service, appreciate the agent.

    Rama , Chat Survey, 21/10/2014

  • Honest & prompt reply...

    Amaan, Chat Survey, 21/10/2014

  • I would like to comment although I scored 10. You guys and gals at Borderlinx ROCK ! Always great service and all my goodies always arrive safe and sound ! TQ.

    Tatiana Cornelius , Chat Survey, 21/10/2014

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