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Shipping cost calculator – Shipping rates, tax and duties

The international Borderlinx Total Cost Calculator provides an estimate of the shipping total cost (shipping rates and the customs tax & duties) to shop and ship your parcels globally to your home address. It is important to note that the shipping cost is based on the actual weight or volumetric weight - whichever is the greater. Volumetric weight is the size of the actual box in which the merchant packs your purchase, not the products themselves. Please click here for a detailed explanation of volumetric weight.

Once your parcel arrives at your Borderlinx international address (US or UK), we will calculate and provide you the final shipping total cost (shipping rates and the customs tax & duties) based on the actual weight and dimensions of your package. After your payment, Borderlinx will send your package to your home address with its package forwarding service, and clear customs for you.


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Important information

  • Actual charges are determined at time of shipment and therefore these conversion rates provide an indication only. These charges include fuel surcharges applicable at this time and other changes in carrier rates. See FAQs.
  • Be careful not to order any items that can't be shipped due to legal or safety reasons.
  • For shipments valued above USD 250 or equivalent SafetyLinx coverage is mandatory to provide you with maximum protection - See FAQs. Note: SafetyLinx covers loss but not damage during transportation to used or second-hand items.