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For an extensive line of well-known sportswear and sports gear, check out Adidas Germany. This popular line is synonymous with sneakers and footwear, but also encompasses a comprehensive product line that includes clothing for everyone, accessories, sporting goods and a plethora of other products. Founded in 1949, Adidas Germany is a household name, and the Adidas Germany logo is widely known around the world. Whether you're a serious athlete, an active amateur or a sports enthusiast, the Adidas Germany product line has what you're looking for. You would be hard pressed to name a common consumer product untouched by the Adidas logo. From typical sports apparel to socks and sandals to colognes, lotions and aftershaves, Adidas Germany products are varied and plentiful. In addition to Adidas Germany footwear, and apparel for consumers, Adidas Germany supplies a wide range of international sports teams and clubs with team kits. There's an online outlet shop with up to 50 percent savings on your favorite Adidas items. And you can also receive a 15 percent discount when you sign up for their newsletter.

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