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If the great outdoors is calling you, don't wait any longer! Answer with passion and answer with Altrec USA. For over a decade, Altrec USA has offered apparel and gear for your outdoor activities, whether you're shopping for men, women or kids. No matter what your terrain, be it snow, water or mountains Altrec USA products can equip you to go forward with confidence and to have the best experience possible. Inspire your next adventure at Altrec USA today, and discover the experiences that are waiting for you.

Altrec USA makes shopping for your experience easy by conveniently categorizing products by activity. Whether you're gearing up for your backpacking trip, camping, running, traveling, surfing, paddling, climbing and much more, Altrec USA apparel, gear and accessories have everything you need. Even if you're not preparing for a high-intensity activity, Altrec USA t-shirts and other casual wear can still offer you the same distinctive quality and durability that the company has become known for, even if you're lounging on the beach or in the park. With some items starting as low as under $20, as well as a myriad of others seriously discounted through the company's regular sales events, there's something for everyone at Altrec USA.

With Borderlinx, customers internationally can now buy Altrec in the USA! Borderlinx determines your cheap shipping, tax & duties upfront with our shipping cost calculator, and offers a number of services to make international ordering from Altrec convenient and hassle-free, including concierge, free repacking and consolidation.


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