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When it comes to fixing your vehicle, the best idea is to find a trustworthy shop and a specialized store to obtain all spare parts for it; that's where ATU Germany comes into play! Everything is under one roof and equipped with modern technology, ATU Germany Master Workshops carries out extensive maintenance and repair services, while the ATU Germany Affiliated Store contains a wide range of accessories for your vehicle, and on top of that, your needs are filled with an outstanding price-performance ratio.

For almost 30 years, ATU Germany has become the perfect stop to match all your requirements: from tires to batteries, to spare parts, motor and transmission oil, kids' seats and all other accessories. Besides all products in store, ATU Germany provides high-quality services to all customers, since their staff is exclusively and continuously trained in vehicle maintenance and repair and benefits by having state-of-the-art equipment. From installation and repair work on maintenance, and general inspections by recognized testing organizations. ATU Germany looks out for you, in matters of quality and price.

You may think it is hard to obtain either the spare parts or the accessories in the comfort of your house. However, customers can obtain ATU Germany products through the website and ask to be shipped to 64 countries worldwide with the all the benefits of Borderlinx. Here's how Borderlinx works. A number of services are available through Borderlinx to make international ordering from ATU Germany hassle-free, including shipment value protection, free repacking and consolidation services.


  • 预估您的运费


  • 节省高达25%的运费


  • 合并您的包裹,降低对国际运输的费用


  • 保护您的货物价值


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