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Barnes & Noble USA is the Internet's largest bookstore with over 1 million titles available for immediate delivery. Since 2009, Barnes & Noble USA is also the leader in E-books with over 1 million titles online. Founded in 1917, Barnes & Noble USA is now America's only national bookstore chain. Thanks to Barnes & Noble's powerful search engine, it is easy to find whatever you are looking for. Search by title, author, or keyword for a specific book, or browse through Barnes & Noble USA's rich collection.

Whether you are looking for a travel book, fiction novels, textbooks, or history books, Barnes & Noble guarantees you will find it. Search through Barnes & Noble USA Customer Favorites for recommendations, or pick through the NY Times Bestsellers list. Choose books by subject, format or special collection. Barnes & Noble USA Audiobooks offers a rich collection of books to listen to when you're on the go, in your car, or while travelling. Shop Barnes & Noble USA Cookbooks for great recipes for every occasion, or buy a great gift for someone from the Barnes & Noble USA Signed Books collection. So what are you waiting for, most paperback editions are under $10!

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