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BH Cosmetics is the best place on the web for picky women when it comes to eyeshadow. The brand's exclusive product counts between 88 to 120 nuances of eyeshadow in one single palette. After the professionals, the brand has now convinced women loving to change their eye make up according to their mood.

BH Cosmetics offers endless color combinations and each palette is perfect for green, brown, hazel, and blue eyes! The classic collection of the 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette Series and 88 Color Eyeshadow Series each comes in a sleek black case that's easy to carry and store. BH Cosmetics essential tools for professional makeup artists and beginners alike. You won't find another brand that offers eye shadow makeup with an exclusive formulation of many vivid colors, smooth textures in matte and shimmer finishes. BH Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes, face palettes and lip palettes allow you to achieve a "professional makeup artist" look from the comfort of your own home and budget.

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