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No fashionista would ever bypass the lure of the most epic brand in fashion: Chanel. Indeed, Chanel USA is simply that luxury must-have that every woman desires. This is probably why Chanel USA style is multi-faceted. The women who wear Chanel are chic, yet grungy, modern, yet traditional, prim, yet sexy. It's no surprise that the Chanel USA collection, which boasts pret-a-porter, haute couture, perfume, beauty products, watches and jewelry, embodies an entire lifestyle. You can definitely acquire your next bespoke item at Chanel USA.

There's something for everyone at Chanel USA: a bottle of Chanel N5 for the eternally chic woman, a cute 2.55 classic bag for the urban young professional, a fantasy Camelia ring for the boho set, a sharply tailored dress for the executive, and slick vermillion lipstick for all ages. The choices are endless. The most recent Chanel USA runway show for Fall/Winter 2014 featured and created fashion's newest trends, bold graphic prints, grungy crop tops with turtle necks and sweeping sweaters. Chanel USA offers its quality collection at various price points.

You've dreamed of buying Chanel in the USA but are afraid you won't be able to have it shipped to your home country for a cheap price? Well, with Borderlinx, you can pay for international shipping, tax & duties right away using our handy Shipping cost calculator to calculate necessary tax & duty costs upfront. Plus, a number of services are available through Borderlinx to make international ordering from Chanel USA hassle-free, including concierge, free repacking and consolidation services.


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