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Founded in 1903, Harley Davidson USA is one of the most recognized motorcycle brands in the world. With the perfect combination of American craftsmanship, technology, build and heritage, Harley Davidson USA Motorcycles embody the vision of touring motorcyclists. Known for their heavyweight motorcycles designed to cruise on highways, Harley Davidson USA is more of a lifestyle than just a brand. Indeed, bikers and fans form a Harley community around the globe, with regular events, and even a museum to tell the brand's story.

In 2014, the Harley Davidson USA lineup now consists of six different types of motorcycles, declined in a variety of models. The Harley Davidson USA Sportster line features sportier motorcycles that despite their classic style, agility and power offer a zippier, more athletic ride. The Sportster Superlow sports a true Harley Davidson rumble, steels parts and flawless chrome, revealing its authentic American motorcycle roots in every detail. For an even larger, tougher motorcycle, choose from the Harley Davidson USA Softail collection. Sit back and enjoy a smooth ride, hard tail style. Harley Davidson motorcycles start around $8,000. Also visit Harley Davidson USA for parts, accessories, apparel, collectables and more.

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