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Infiniti USA is the luxury division brand of Nissan Motor Company. Founded in 1989, Infiniti USA manufactures luxury performance vehicles. Infiniti USA is driven by challenge - the challenge of the status quo, the challenge set by competitors, and the challenge they set for themselves. Indeed, Infini USA challenges the world by making more daring designs, more powerful engines, and by using more empowering technology. The Infiniti USA slogan "Inspired performance" illustrates their strive to make remarkable, advanced luxury performance vehicles. Infiniti USA vehicles are known for their more innovative and modern designs.

Today, Infiniti USA vehicles offer a variety of sedans, coup?s and convertibles, SUVs and crossovers, and hybrids. Infiniti USA Sedans are luxuriously comfortable models. You can choose to drive an Infiniti G50 with All-wheel-drive or without. The Infiniti Q50 also comes in hybrid models, starting under $45,000. If you would rather feel the wind in your hair, opt for an Infiniti USA Q60 Convertible. Starting under $49,000, this luxury performance car has a power retractable hardtop, a 3.7 liter V6 VVEL engine, a Bose open air sound system, and adaptive climate control.

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