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Amazon took over the e-reader market with its best-selling Kindle USA devices. E-readers are electronic reading tablets that allow you to download and read e-books, newspapers and magazines online and offline. With revolutionary e-ink displays, Kindle USA e-readers read like real paper, with sharp, clear text and zero glare so that they are easy on your eyes. Kindle USA electronics are easy to use and perfect for all ages.

Kindle USA now has an impressive line of e-readers to suite any book lover’s needs.The original Kindle model is Amazon’s most affordable version, starting at $79.99. This model features a touchscreen display with a battery charge that lasts for weeks. TheKindle Paperwhite starts at $119.99 and is Amazon’s best-selling Kindle e-reader. This model features a built-in adjustable light and offers zero screen glare, even when outdoors.

For something more high resolution, check out the Kindle Voyage. It starts at $199.99 and provides 300 ppm display for sharp, laser quality text. You can even turn the page without lifting a finger using the PagePress feature.

If you’re looking for the thinnest and lightest model, you’ll want the Kindle Oasis. It’s over 20% lighter and 30% thinner on average than other Kindle models. Combined with a new ergonomic design and the longest Kindle battery life, the Kindle Voyage is a top-of-the-line model that you need to experience.

Customers around the world can now buy the popular Kindle devices from Amazon USA and ship safely to their homes with Borderlinx. Use the Borderlinx Shipping Cost Calculator, to determine shipping fees, including tax and duty upfront. Borderlinx services make international shopping from Amazon USA hassle-free, including shopping concierge, package repacking and package consolidation.


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