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KTM USA is an Austrian manufacturer of motorcycles, founded in 1934. KTM USA makes racing, off-roading and street motorcycles. The largest European motorcycle manufacturer, KTM USA specializes in "Ready to Race" motorcycles. A winner of many worldwide competitions, KTM USA makes each race machine with premium high quality materials, and tests them thoroughly in racing contexts. KTM USA is best known for their off-roading motorcycles, but also makes street motorcycles. KTM USA Motorcycles are for both competition racing and recreation.

If you're looking for an off-roading motorcycle, KTM USA is the right place! KTM USA Off-Roaders include the MX, Enduro and Rally series motorcycles, all of which are super powerful and fun machines. For KTM USA Street motorcycles, the MOTO 3 and Road Racing models are both winning racing motorcycles. Also check out KTM USA Parts & Wear for pieces and accessories for your motorcycle including air filters, seats, footrests and suspensions, and KTM USA apparel and accessories - which includes casual and functional wear for riders and fans.

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