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Lamborghini USA is an Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars. Its raging bull emblem comes from the founder of Lamborghini USA who was a renowned breeder of Spanish fighting bulls. Founded in 1963 in Bologna, Italy, Lamborghini USA's first objective was to build a grand touring car to compete with already established sports car brands. Very quickly, Lamborghini USA grew to become one of the most important sports vehicle brands and marked history with its creations. Lamborghini USA is known for masterpieces such as the Gallardo, Reventon, Estoque, Jalpa and more, which will forever be remembered by aficionados who love speed and luxury.

Since 2013, Lamborghini USA has been producing two model lines of vehicles, both of which are mid-engine, two-seater sports cars. Are you a Lamborghini fan? Show your love for Lamborghini USA with Lamborghini USA Accessories, such as smartphone cases, polos, keychains, and more. Lamborghini USA Apparel costs on average between $100 and $200. Also decorate your home or office with Lamborghini USA Home & Office products, such as a set of Lamborghini espresso cups for $74. Lamborghini USA also offers leather goods to perfectly match your luxury sports car.

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