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Founded in 1854, Louis Vuitton USA brought style and luxury to the notion of travel. Elegance, refined quality, inspiration and innovation are terms that define the essence of Louis Vuitton USA, one of the world's most recognized and esteemed luxury collections of today. Louis Vuitton USA offers uniqueness and sophistication to its creations. With every piece, Louis Vuitton USA brings you the chic elegance of the French luxury lifestyle.

Louis Vuitton USA believes in incomparable savoir-faire and quality for its products. Offering creative designs for both men and women, Louis Vuitton USA Ready-to-wear endlessly reinvents itself in order to inspire and impress. Louis Vuitton USA Watches show off the inventiveness, innovation and elegance that define the legendary name. Louis Vuitton USA Leather Goods are made from the finest quality leather that transformed the art of luggage, making Louis Vuitton the Maison that it is today. From jewellery to shoes to accessories, ready-to-wear, watches and leather goods, Louis Vuitton USA creations are more than just products, they are the embodiment of unique and distinctive luxury.

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