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Lowe's USA is your one stop for good value home improvement. For more than 60 years Lowe's USA has been helping people improve and maintain their homes. One of the largest home improvement retailers worldwide, Lowe's USA believes in offering high-quality products at low prices, while delivering superior customer service. Lowe's USA was founded on the idea of eliminating wholesalers in order to deal directly with manufacturers, and therefore lowering prices and making home improvement more accessible.

From electrical to hardware to home decor and furniture, Lowe's USA has everything you're looking for to improve your home. Lowe's USA Kitchen offers a wide range of choices in cabinets, countertops, sinks or top quality appliances. Whether you're looking for tile, wood, carpet, bamboo or other style flooring, Lowe's USA Flooring has what will best suit your home. Check out Lowe's USA Lighting for commercial lighting, ceiling fans, outdoor lighting, wall lighting and timer & lighting controls. Lowe's USA collections range in price to suit everyone, from most affordable to more luxurious - bathtubs, for instance, are priced between $300 and $1000, beds start at $200 and go up to $3000.

Thanks to Borderlinx you can shop Lowe's in the USA and ship internationally for a cheap cost, paying shipping, tax & duties upfront. You can calculate your tax & duty cost upfront with our shipping cost calculator. A number of services are available through Borderlinx to make international ordering from Lowe's USA hassle-free, including concierge, free repacking and consolidation services.


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