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Founded in 1914 in Bologna, Italy, Maserati USA has played an essential role in the history and development of sports cars culture. Maserati USA achieved numerous glorious awards in racing and design throughout its history, and remains today a beloved signature luxury sports car brand. In 1963, Maserati USA introduced the Quattroporte (which means 4 doors) which quickly became the fastest sedan on the market with a 4.2 litre and later 4.7 litre engine. In 2014, Maserati USA is celebrating its 100 year anniversary and consequently offering limited centennial editions of its products.

Maserati USA is a unique car company thanks to its Italian heritage and devotion to speed and racing. Maserati USA vehicles are easily recognizable for their sleek sporty design and incredible power. The Maserati USA Granturismo model is a coup? sports car with 2 doors. It also exists as a convertible. Personalize your Maserati USA vehicle to make it your own. Also shop Maserati USA Apparel and Maserati USA Accessories to get the look that goes perfectly with your luxury car. Maserati USA Watches have the distinctive features of the Maserati cars and also boast great designs and innovative technology.

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