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Miele USA domestic appliances and commercial machines are top-class and have a long history. A German manufacturer and leading innovator, Miele USA has always put quality and innovation first. In 1914, Miele USA introduced the first washing machine with an electric motor. Miele's world-renowned vacuum cleaners were first introduced in 1927. Since its creation in 1899, Miele has been manufacturing the highest quality machines in the world and has been respected for this reputation ever since. Miele USA's main clientele are commercial and domestic who demand high quality and top-class appliances.

Miele USA offers a wide range of Home Appliances, Vacuum Cleaners and Professional Products. From Refrigerators to Dishwashers to Laundry Care to Coffee Systems and Cooking Products, Miele USA offers the highest-class appliances on the world market. Miele USA also offers a wide range of choices; for instance, when shopping Miele USA vacuum cleaners you can choose from canisters, uprights and universal uprights. In order to optimize the use of your Miele USA appliances, shop Miele USA accessories for your dishwasher, vacuum cleaner or washing machine. With quality and technology as key elements of their philosophy, Miele USA products are identified with unsurpassed value. Miele USA vacuum cleaners start in the $300 range, countertop coffee systems start at $1,699.

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