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Experience products and technologies from one of the most experienced mobile companies on earth. Motorola USA is responsible for many major mobile communications breakthroughs since the early days of the industry and before, gaining experience and expertise for over 80 years. Built upon an ideological foundation of bringing people together through mobile communications, Motorola USA technologies offer some of the finest devices and features available. Discover how experience has made Motorola USA into the industry leader it is today, and experience truly the best in mobile communications.

Motorola USA offers mobile phones, accessories such as headphones, and even baby and pet monitors to keep you in-contact with and watchful upon what matters the very most. Motorola USA phones offer the experience of Motorola with the fun ingenuity of Google to bring a powerful Android device into the hands of consumers. Mobile phones start as low as under $50, so you can save more. With incredible battery lives and intuitive features, Motorola USA devices the Moto X and Moto G provide motion-sensing and voice-control among many other cutting-edge features. Motorola USA eco-innovation designs provide environmentally-friendly manufacturing, so customers can feel responsible about their purchases.

Customers across the globe can now buy Motorola in the USA and ship internationally! With cheap shipping, tax & duties determined upfront by our Shipping cost calculator, Borderlinx makes international ordering from Motorola USA hassle-free, offering additional services such as concierge, free repacking and consolidation, and will ship your order right to your home country.


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