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There is a company which never lets the impossible hold it back, and which never lets a new invention or victory stop it from quickly achieving even more, setting new goals, and resetting the bar. Oakley USA is such a company, and their amazing products such as sports gear, apparel, glasses, bags, accessories, and more for men and women challenge and empower its customers to achieve the same drive and inspiration. Nearly 40 years of research, development, and expertise have made Oakley USA one of the most innovative, powerful leaders in its industry today. Over 600 patents have gone into developing the groundbreaking Oakley USA products which amaze customers decade after decade.

Oakley USA has earned its place over the years as one of the best innovators and designers of glasses, goggles, accessories, and more for athletes and mainstream consumers alike. With distinctive Oakley USA sunglasses starting under $100, and accessories such as hats, wallets, belts and more starting from as low as $20, Oakley USA is committed to making sure you get the quality gear you need affordably. Oakley USA custom glasses are also available for those who want to take the company's existing artistic designs to a new, personalized level.

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