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You would be hard-pressed to find better quality and comfort than that offered by apparel made by Petit Bateau USA. For more than 100 years, the company has been building and polishing its playful clothing for children, women, and men, offering decades of experience to shoppers to provide a guaranteed positive experience. Petit Bateau USA clothing is available for any age, including infants, and offers incredible durability, quality, and comfort that has become a distinctive trademark of the company. Find the fun, stylish, and comfortable apparel for you and your family at Petit Bateau USA.

Petit Bateau USA styles are unforgettably easy to wear, and pieces are available for the whole family. With accessories such as hats, scarves, towels and more, it's simple to find something perfect for any age and personality. Petit Bateau USA collections, from Sunny Yellow, to Rose Collection, to Blue Collection and more, offer bright, exciting styles and looks that individuals of any age love to wear. With most items listed for under $100 and many under $50, Petit Bateau USA empowers anyone to experience the tried-and-true Petit Bateau USA craftsmanship trusted by customers across the globe for generations.

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