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There are few accents which can elevate a room more than a perfectly-placed, beautiful floor rug. Bringing out the best in a room, rugs can also offer a special softness, sound dampening, and aesthetic warmth. For more than a decade, Rugs USA has been empowering customers to bring these and more amazing features to their home, at affordable prices. Rugs USA products are available for prices much lower than many competitors, but still deliver the same level of quality, whether you're seeking area rugs, outdoor rugs, or even home items such as lighting and furniture.

Rugs USA offers rugs of all styles, from contemporary, to kid-themed, to fluffy shag, to braided, and much more, all for low, accessible prices. Sales offer even more great savings on Rugs USA items, and many rugs are available for between 100-200. Rugs USA also stocks a number of home items, from furniture such as chairs, desks, tables, and stools, to Rugs USA lighting products like floor lamps and hanging light fixtures. Other items are available to bring out a soft, warm beauty in your home such as Rugs USA pillows, and all items are crafted with lasting quality and value in mind.

With Borderlinx, customers internationally can now buy Rugs in the USA, and Borderlinx will ship your order to your home! With services such as concierge, free repacking and consolidation, Borderlinx also offers cheap shipping, tax & duties calculated upfront by our Shipping cost calculator to make international ordering from Rugs USA hassle-free.


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