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Whatever office supplies or products you may need, Staples USA has you covered. Founded upon the idea of creating a supermarket for office supplies, Staples USA products span nearly every single office department imaginable. For over 25 years, Staples USA has strived to stock everything you need to make your business or home office a place of efficiency, productivity, and inspiration, from supplies, to coffee makers, to office furniture, to toners and more. Explore what Staples USA has in store for you today, and discover the power your workplace can have.

Staples USA can provide anything an office needs, and warm, friendly customer service representatives are there to help you every step of the way. From the bare bones like office desks, to tech like computers and printers, Staples has what you need. And with a focus on customer productivity, Staples USA items are available at competitively low prices, and Staples USA clearance sales are regular events to ensure even more savings. It's not hard to feel good about shopping at Staples USA, as the company actively works to provide school supplies to disadvantaged kids, donate and provide grants towards charitable organizations, volunteer, and support emergency funds among many other philanthropic projects.

With Borderlinx, international customers can now buy Staples in the US! Borderlinx will ship your order straight to your home with cheap shipping, tax & duties estimated upfront with our Shipping cost calculator, and services such as concierge, free repacking and consolidation make international ordering from Staples USA hassle-free!


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