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Today, Toys"R"Us is one of the most well-recognized brands in toy stores across the globe. Parents have come to trust and rely on the company to bring something special to their children's play. Toys"R"Us USA has operated for over 60 years, bringing toys that are fun, safe, and affordable to families for generations. Each item is carefully chosen to provide a fun and safe experience for children. Learning and fun are brought together with Toys"R"Us USA Learning toys for kids of all ages, along with action figures and a huge selection of other toys. Toys"R"Us USA supplies not only games and toys, but kids' furniture, bicycles, electronics, and more!

Toys"R"Us USA is the perfect place to find something special for your child, whether it's for indoor or outdoor play, construction sets, dolls or action figures, video games or electronics, and more. The Toys"R"Us USA product selection is unbeatable, and there's certainly something for every child, and every age! As Toys"R"Us USA is all about kids, parents can buy confidently knowing that the company is active in philanthropic fields such as battling childhood cancer, working with childhood Autism, funding Toys for Tots, and an incredible number of other Toys"R"Us USA charitable projects.

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