1. Increase Revenue

    Increase Revenue

    Select the program that fits your company's unique goals. Capture international revenue like never before.

  2. Expand your Reach

    Expand your Reach

    Break into the international market by leveraging Borderlinx's 500,000 active customers.

  3. Simple Integration

    Simple Integration

    Our team will make your integration process quick and easy, guiding you throughout the process.

Global Programs & Solutions

  • Merchant Program Merchant Program
    The Merchant Program is ideal for retailers looking to break into the international market.

    • Perfect for retailers with international demand
    • Accelerate international growth
    • Receive Marketing Support and international recognition
    • Leverage our powerful service at no cost
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  • Affiliate Program Affiliate Program
    The Affiliate Program is ideal for blogs, forums and informational websites that cater to an international customer base.

    • Earn up to 20% commission on shipments
    • Leverage our powerful service at no cost
    • Easily integrate thanks to an array of tools
    • Enable customers to shop around the world
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  • Strategic Partner Strategic Partner
    The Strategic Partner Program is ideal for payment facilitators, banks and financial institutions looking to increase cross-border commerce.

    • Increase total cross-border revenue
    • Point customers to a branded experience
    • Issue promo codes and offers with special rates
    • Receive international marketing support
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  • Global eCommerce Solutions Global eCommerce Solutions
    Sell products worldwide with an integrated platform that provides a seamless experience for you and your customers.

    • No intrusive software installation required
    • Integrate our API directly into your WMS
    • No need to export and sync catalog data
    • Keep control of your customers' experience
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Borderlinx Merchant Program

Strategic Partner Program