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What should I do about fraudulent Borderlinx websites and activities?

Like many established brands, we often encounter fraudulent entities that pose as Borderlinx and operate misleading websites, job postings and phishing scams. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent cases like these from happening, but we do our best to monitor for suspicious activity and websites that misrepresent themselves and the services they provide under the Borderlinx name.

To protect yourself against fraudulent activity, we suggest the following:

Make sure you are visiting www.borderlinx.com, and ensure that Borderlinx communications are from the borderlinx.com domain. Any variations, such as borderlinxusa.com or borderlinxcorp.com, are incorrect and should be reported to our team.

Borderlinx will never email you asking for personal information in order to "update" your account. If you receive such an email, do not click on any links. Log in to your account only via www.borderlinx.com.

If you're applying for a job with Borderlinx, make sure that you're in contact with an authorized Borderlinx employee.

  • Don't give personal information, such as your birthdate, identification card or address, unless you have verified that you are dealing with the established Borderlinx business. If you are in doubt, please email our Customer Service team.
  • Beware of anyone offering "work at home" arrangements forwarding packages. Borderlinx only processes packages at a secure export hub with personnel trained in export, customs and international shipping.

If you're concerned that a website is misrepresenting our service or advertising an unauthorized Borderlinx job posting, please contact customer support with the URL and a screenshot.