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What is the Borderlinx Package Repacking feature?

Borderlinx now provides a Repacking service. The service is normally priced at $10 per shipment, but is now offered completely free, in line with our policy for simple and transparent pricing.

Shipments that can benefit from repacking will be identified by our trained operations staff, without needing your involvement, and repacked into padded envelopes.
We may repack your item in two situations:

  • If the shipment is inadequately packed (either damaged or insufficient for international transportation), we will repack it for you for added protection and security.
  • If the package has a high volumetric weight (see our FAQ What is Volumetric Weight?) we repack it into smaller padded envelopes to reduce their volume and therefore lower the shipping charges. Experience tells us that shipments repacked save over 20% in volume, which represents a saving to you of between $10 and $15 on average.

We do not merge two or more shipments into one. We do not repack all goods.


  • We do not open any inner sealed or shrink-wrapped packaging.
  • We do not repack Merchants' specialised branded packaging such as “designer” boxes or wrapping for shoes, boots, clothing and fashion accessories.
  • If an item is gift-wrapped, we will not repack it.
    We advise you not to order Fragile or Special Care items. However, if you need to ship Fragile or Special Care items, please ensure proper packaging by the Merchant. We do not repack fragile or breakable items.
  • If a delivery contains items that cannot be legally or safely shipped, it is not possible to separate those items from other acceptable items in the same shipment. As a reminder, if a package contains such items, it is your responsibility to arrange a return to the Merchant, or to provide an alternative domestic delivery address, or to give us instructions to dispose of them. See our FAQ What items can't be delivered through Borderlinx?
  • We do not repack goods such as:
    • All large electronic goods (laptops, notebooks, kindles, etc.)
    • Computer components/parts
    • Computer accessories (mouse, keyboard, etc.)
    • Any other parts or accessories such as headphones
    • Auto-parts and car parts
    • Shoes
  • We are not able to reduce the size of shoe boxes due to the risk of damages that may be caused in transit.

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